Recent Project Experience


Client                                                  Project

(Location)                                          (Description)                                                 Year


South Fork Coal Company                 300 TPH Coal Preparation                             In Progress

Rupert, WV                                          and Material Handling system. 

                                                            Plant will process raw coal.  It will

                                                            consist of MH Cyclone & Spiral Circuit,

                                                            Clean Coal and Refuse Handling


Cliffs Logan County Coal, LLC           4000 TPH Storage Conveyor, Stacking        2013

Lower War Eagle                                Tube, Reclaim Tunnel and 1600 TPH

Cyclone, WV                                       48” Overland Conveyor system approx.

                                                            3.15 miles in length consisting of

                                                            Seven (7) Belt Conveyors.                            


Carbocoque                                        Installation of Column Flotation cell               2012

Lenguazaque                                      and Belt Press

Columbia, South America


New Elk Coal Company, LLC              800 TPH Plant and Spiral Circuit                    2011   

Trinidad, CO                                       upgrade


Triad Mining, Inc                                 600 TPH Prep. Plant consisting                      2011

Log Creek Plant                                  of HM Cyclone & Spiral Circuits,

Oakland City, IN                                  Raw Coal Storage Reclaim, and

Clean Coal Storage and Loadout.


Bledsoe Coal Corporation                   600 TPH Plant Upgrade                                 2011

BL1 Plant

Big Laurel, KY


Docks Creek, LLC                              2000 TPH Coal Storage &                              2011

Docks Creek Site                               Reclaim System

Kenova, WV


Trinity Coal Partners                           1500 TPH Coal Storage/Reclaim                              

Kincaid, WV                                        System. 7-Belt Conveyors with the                2011

                                                            Total Length of 17,552 Ft.                              


Westmoreland Resources, Inc           Replacement of Crushers                              2010   

Sarpy Basin Rd

Hardin, MT


Catenary Coal Company                    800 TPH Plant-Froth Flotation                        2010

Toms Fork Prep. Plant                       Circuit Addition

Eskdale, WV



Bluestone Equipment                          500 TPH Preparation Plant, Raw Coal           2010

Management, LLC.                             and Clean Coal Storage Facility

Keystone, WV                                     (HM Cyclones, Spiral Concentrators

                                                            and Flotation Cells)    


Revelation Energy                              Renovation of 3000 TPH                                2010

Wolverine Facility                               Clean Coal Storage & Reclaim

Wolverine, KY                                     System along with Unit Train

                                                            Loadout Bin


Carbocoque 00 TPH                           Consisting of Heavy Media                            2010

Coal Preparation Plant                        Cyclone & Spirals      


Columbia, South America                 


Magnum Coal                                     Direct ship and                                                2009

Tom’s Fork                                          Material Handling Upgrade

Eskdale, WV


River Trading Company                     3500 TPH Batch Weigh Loadout                    2009

Aquila Docks                                       and Material Handling System                      

Kenova, WV


Trinity Coal Partners                           300 TPH Heavy Media Cyclone/      

Falcon Plant                                        Spiral Plant and Material Handling                 2009

Gordon, WV                                         System                                                           


Blackwolf Holdings, LLC                    225 TPH Fine Coal Plant with                        2008

Blackwolf, WV                                                Heavy Media Cyclone, Spirals,                       

                                                            and Froth Flotation                                         


Magnum Coal Company                    Refuse Belt Replacement                              2008

Rensford Plant

Rensford, WV


Magnum Coal Company                    500 TPH Direct Ship Coal                              2007

Tom’s Fork Loadout                            Handling System

Eskdale, WV


Pigeon Creek Processing Corp.         1800 TPH Truck Dump Bin and                     2007

Stonega, VA                                         Conveyor Upgrade


Pigeon Creek Processing Corp.         4000 TPH Batch Weigh Loadout and             2007

Stonega, VA                                        Overland Belt Conveyor System



Pigeon Creek Processing Corp.         Design and Commissioning of Plant             2007

Stonega, VA                                        Expansion from 1100 TPH to1400 TPH

                                                            Heavy Vessel, Cyclone, Heavy Media

                                                            Cyclone, Spirals, Froth Flotation


Brooks Run Mining                             1000 TPH Raw Coal Stockpile Facility          2007

Company, LLC                                   consisting of Truck Dump Bin, Stacking

Erbacon, WV                                      Tube and Reclaim Tunnel


Solar Sources, Inc.                             400 TPH Preparation Plant and                      2007

Shamrock Mine                                  Thickener with Electrical including

Jasper, IN                                           PLC, Heavy Media Cyclones, Spirals


Alcoa, Inc.                                           300 TPH Heavy Media Cyclone,                   2006

Fluor Global Services                         Water Only Cyclone/Spiral Plant,

Friendsville Mine, IL                            Thickener, Electrical including PLC


James River Coal Service Co.           500 TPH Heavy Media Cyclone                    2006

Blue Diamond Coal Corp.                   Addition to replace Deister Tables

Leatherwood Plant                              for a 1500 TPH Preparation Plant

Slemp, KY


Peabody Energy                                 Convey 2000 TPH Raw Coal from                2006

Rivers Edge Mine                               Rivers Edge Mine to Black

Wharton, WV                                      Stallion’s Storage and

                                                            Overland System


Peabody Energy                                 3500 TPH Raw Coal Storage                         2006

Black Stallion Coal Company             and 2000 TPH Raw Coal Reclaim

LLC                                                     System including Stacking Tube and

Wharton, WV                                      Reclaim Tunnel


Sunrise Coal, LLC                               Engineering and Supply of                             2005

Jasonville, IN                                      Materials for a 400 TPH Plant,          

                                                            Thickener, with Electrical

                                                            including PLC


Luscar Ltd.                                          1200 MTPH Coal Preparation Plant              2005

Coal Valley Mine                                 with Heavy Media Vessel, Heavy

Edson, Canada                                    Media Cyclone, Spiral, and Column

                                                            Cell Circuits. 1300 MTPH Raw Coal Handling

                                                            System with Scalping Screen and Rotary Breaker.

                                                            Thermal Dryer Upgrade



Vectren Fuels                                      600 TPH Coal Blending Facility with             2005

(Cypress Creek Mine, LLC)               Ash Analyzer and Moisture Meter



ICG Hazard, LLC                                750 TPH Coal Preparation                             2005

Flint Ridge Preparation Plant              and Material Handling System                                                               

Hazard, KY                                         Heavy Media Vessel, Heavy Media

Cyclones, Spirals


White River Coal Company                400 TPH Preparation Plant and                      2005

Hazleton, IN                                        Coal Handling System, Heavy

                                                            Media Cyclones, Spirals                                


Luscar Ltd.                                          Supply, Install, and Commission                    2004

Edson, Canada                                   necessary Equipment, Piping,

                                                           Electrical and Civil Modifications

                                                            for Classifying Cyclone Circuit

                                                            Heavy Media Vessel, Heavy Media

                                                            Cyclones, Spirals, Froth Flotation                                          


Leslie Resources, Inc.                        Electrical Upgrade of Typo Plant                   2004

Hazard, KY                                         and Loadout Facility


Lone Mountain Processing, Inc.         Two-Stage Spirals, Column                            2004

St. Charles, Virginia                            Flotation System, and Screen

                                                            Bowl Centrifuge to process

                                                            1mm x 325M coal in a 1200 TPH

                                                            Preparation Plant       


Solar Sources, Inc.                             Preparation Plant Expansion                          2004

Lewis, IN                                             from 125 to 200 TPH


Bowie Resources, Ltd.                        Design, Procurement, and Project                 2004

Paonia, CO                                         Management of 600 TPH

                                                            Preparation Plant, Refuse Bin,

Raw Coal, Clean Coal Storage

and Reclaim


Catenary Coal Company                    Truck Dump with 2 Bins and                          2004

Eskdale, WV                                      Hydraulic Rock Hammers                 

                                                            Feeder Breaker Installation



Peabody Energy Corporation             Preparation Plant Expansion                          2004

Arclar Mine                                         and Optimization from 1200 TPH

Saline County, IL                                to 1400 TPH


Solar Sources, Inc.                             Preparation Plant Expansion                          2004

Cannelburg Mine                                from 225 TPH to 300 TPH

Cannelburg, IN