About Us

The Daniels Company was formed in 1956 by Mr. Herman Daniels at its present location of the Daniels Company in Bluefield, WV.  Mr. Daniels was the developer of the original Daniels Heavy Media Vessel which became the international standard for coarse coal cleaning vessels. The first Daniels Heavy Media Vessel was fabricated in 1954 and the technology is still in use today throughout the international coal industry.   

The Daniels group continued to grow and in 1984 purchased Envirotech Coal Services which specialized in modular coal preparation plants.  In 2012, the Daniels Company became a member of GT Global, by merging the Daniels Company with Beijing Guohua Technology Group (BGTG). The combined organization has built over 600 coal preparation plants and material handling projects in the USA, China, Colombia, India, and Turkey.  In 2017, the Daniels Company established a subsidiary called Daniels India Pvt. Limited to develop and grow the Indian coal preparation market opportunities.

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